King George Whiting with Grilled Peaches


Preparation time
5 minutes

Cooking time
15 minutes

3 People

1 packet 200g Ferguson Australia King George Whiting, thawed in the refrigerator overnight
90g butter
1 bunch watercress
3 peaches
1 lemon - rind and juice
3/4 Cup fresh breadcrumbs
Sea salt
Olive oil

King George Whiting with Grilled Peaches

Firstly defrost whiting as per instructions on the back of the packaging. Pat dry with paper towel.

In a heavy base frypan add in 50g butter, breadcrumbs, rind of 1 lemon and season with sea salt and cook over a medium heat until the breadcrumbs are all coated in the citrus butter and have turned golden. Pour into bowl and set aside.

Cut the cheeks off your peaches. On your BBQ or griddle pan, chargrill your peach cheeks until you have the gorgeous grill lines on your peaches. They will slightly soften during the cooking process also. Remove from pan and set aside.

In your heavy base frypan add in 40g butter. Allow this to melt and bubble then add in your whiting skin side down. Over a medium heat allow to cook for 3 minutes until the skin has slightly browned. Turn for 1 minute then transfer to your serving plate.

To serve, stack your peaches on top of your whiting fillets. Grab a nice healthy handful of your watercress and pile it on top. Sprinkle your golden breadcrumbs over, season again with salt, squeeze the juice of your lemon over, give a drizzle of good olive oil then you are ready to serve.

(Gluten Free: option substitute for Gluten Free breadcrumbs and Lactose Free butter)

*Recipe by Dinah Crowe

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