Sustainable Seafood

Friends of the Sea  is a certification program for seafood companies which have sustainable fishing practices in its wild fisheries. The audit process assesses the fishing methods, ecosystem impact and if the fisheries is managed within a maximum sustainable yield. Friends of the Sea aquaculture farms which are certified are farms which produce fish with no use of growth hormones, respecting waters parameters and critical habitats.The certification also ensures high quality standards in terms of energy efficiency and social accountability.

Ferguson Australia has achieved Friends of the Sea for;

Australian fisheries

Australian fisheries are managed by the Commonwealth Government of Australia (AFMA) and by their respective State (SA is PIRSA) or Territory fishery departments. The State Governments manage all the inshore waters while the Commonwealth Government manages the seas from three nautical miles offshore out to the 200 nautical mile limit of Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

The most common include catch limits or quotas, known as ‘output controls’, which set a maximum limit on the amount of fish that is allowed to be caught from a stock in a given year or fishing season. ‘Input controls’, such as limits to fishing vessel size, specific gear restrictions and areas/seasonal closures to certain types of fishing, are also common.