1.5kg Whole Cooked Lobster prepared as Medallions


Preparation time
15 mins

Cooking time
30 mins


1.5kg Lobster (whole cooked)
500gm kipfler potatoes scrubbed
40ml extra virgin olive oil
40ml apple cider vinegar
2 spring onions thinly sliced
1 celery stalk finely chopped
½ cup flat leaf parsley leaves
1tbsp sea salt flakes
1 lemon
20ml Ferguson Australia lobster oil

1.5kg Whole Cooked Lobster prepared as Medallions

Place the potatoes in a saucepan of cold salted water. Bring to the boil and cook for 15 minutes or until soft. Drain and allow to cool.

To prepare the lobster hold its head firmly in one hand and the tail in another and twist to separate these 2 parts.

Using sharp scissors or a knife cut along both sides of the underside of the tail to remove the membrane from the outer shell. Gently lift out the tail meat. Cut into medallions, 2-3cm thick and refrigerate. The meat from the lobster head, legs and claws can also be extracted at this stage by cracking open the shell using a nutcracker or rolling pin.

Combine olive oil, vinegar, chopped celery, and spring onion in a bowl. Slice the cooled potatoes into rounds and gently toss through the oil dressing along with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Stir in parsley leaves, leave out at room temperature until serving.

Place a serve of the potato salad on each plate and top with a lobster medallion. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a drizzle of lobster oil to each serving.

Alternatively, to serve as a shared dish, transfer whole salad to a platter, top with lobster medallions and drizzle with lemon juice and lobster oil.