Arkhé Baked Lobster with Coconut Sambal & Grapefruit


Preparation time

Cooking time


2 x 200g Ferguson Australia Raw Lobster Split/Half
1 punnet cherry tomatoes
4 shallots
4 cloves garlic
1 bunch curry leaves
1 stick cinnamon
200g sambal oelek
200g coconut, shredded toasted
Palm sugar
Fish sauce
Lime juice
White pepper
1 red grapefruit

Arkhé Baked Lobster with Coconut Sambal & Grapefruit

Fry half a bunch of curry leaves in vegetable oil at 160◦c and set aside for garnishing.

Segment 2 grapefruits and keep aside for garnishing.

Finely slice shallots and garlic and saute in a wok with 5 curry leaves and a stick of cinnamon.

Once the shallots and garlic sweat down and start to caramelise, add cherry tomatoes and cook them out, constantly stirring until it starts to become a paste. Once it has reached a paste consistency, stir in your sambal oelek and cook out gently for 5 more minutes.

Season with fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar, salt and white pepper (this is entirely up to your taste. a nice balance of sweet, sour and salty works best).

Once the sambal is cooled, stir through the toasted coconut.

Bake lobster in your oven (or BBQ) until the core temperature reaches 52◦c. Gently spread sambal over the flesh of the lobster and scatter grapefruit segments and curry leaves over the top to garnish. Finish with a crack of white pepper.

Share amongst loved ones.

Recipe by Arkhé Sous Chef Zac Goddard