Grilled Garfish with fresh tomato salsa


Preparation time

Cooking time


200g Ferguson Australia Southern Garfish Fillets
1-2 large tomatoes
Punnet of cherry tomatoes
2 x tablespoons of capers
1 lemon
Pinch of black pepper
Pinch of salt
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh basil

Grilled Garfish with fresh tomato salsa

Dice your large tomatoes and add to a salad bowl.

Cut your cherry tomatoes into half and add to the bowl.

Season with a pinch of black pepper and a pinch of salt.

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Layer the salad with half a bunch of basil, picking each leaf off individually.

Squeeze half a lemon over the salad.

Add in two tablespoons of capers.

Remove your garfish from the packet and season lightly with black paper and salt.

Drizzle your pan with olive oil and let it heat up before placing the garfish down. Ensure the pan is hot enough to sear the fish.

Alternative fish species
If you cannot find Garfish at your local stockist, you can substitute the species for an alternative fish with sweet, delicate fillets. We recommend Ferguson Australia, King George Whiting, Giant Boarfish, John Dory, Ocean Jacket or Knifejaw

Southern Garfish are found in the shelter of bays, shallow coastal waters and estuaries. They also like to school around established seagrass meadows, where they patrol the ocean for prey on the surface at night and feed the mid to bottom water throughout daylight hours on seagrass. These fish have limited home ranges, also using the seagrass meadow ecosystem to breed and nurse.

Ferguson Australia Garfish are caught in the nutrient-dense waters of Kangaroo Island before being filleted, packed and frozen all on the same day to ensure you are cooking with extraordinarily fresh fish.

In this recipe, we recommend pan-frying to honour the sweet flavour of garfish and keep its delicate skin-on fillets intact. The gar’s subtle flavour is enhanced by a little salt and pepper, where the searing hot pan blisters the skin superbly.

A delightful summer dish, the fresh tomato salsa is the Garfish’s best companion. The simple mix of tomatoes, capers, chives and basil sings with the sting of lemon and peppery extra virgin olive oil. The sweetness of the tomatoes reinforces this fish’s renowned flavour profile. We recommend serving alongside a crusty loaf of bread to soak up the salsa juices.