Coorong Mullet Puttanesca


Preparation time

Cooking time


200g Ferguson Australian Coorong Mullet Fillets
2 large tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
250g unsalted butter
Ortiz anchovy fillets
White wine
Fresh oregano leaves
Fresh basil leaves
Kalamata olives

Coorong Mullet Puttanesca

Dice up two large tomatoes

Roughly chop up 4 cloves of garlic (we love our garlic however you may opt to reduce this to two cloves)

Add 250grams of unsalted butter to a hot pan

Once melted, add 4 anchovy fillets and your garlic

Once sautéed, add a dash of white wine and your diced tomatoes

Finely chop up half a bunch of fresh oregano leaves and add to the pan

Add two cans of crushed Roma tomatoes, as well as your capers, a pinch of black pepper and salt, and your kalamata olives

Remove your Ferguson Australia Coorong Mullet fillets from the packet and cut them in half diagonally

Add the mullet to your sauce and cook for a further 5 minutes

Serve and garnish with fresh basil. You may opt to serve your puttanesca fish with fresh bread or rice.

Alternative fish species
If you cannot find Coorong Mullet at your local stockist, you can substitute the species for an alternative fish with a distinctive flavour and similar oil content. We recommend Ferguson Australia Bight Redfish.

Puttanesca sauce dates back to Naples as early as the mid 20th century, typically swirled through freshly cooked al dente spaghetti. In this iteration, we have omitted the pasta in favour of the star protein – Ferguson Australia Coorong Mullet.

Caught in the bountiful ecosystem that is typical to South Australia’s Coorong, this fish swims in both salt water and estuaries and is also known as Yellow Eye Mullet, one of 16 species in Australia. This fish has a flavour as unique as its habitat and is sustainably caught using targeted netting methods. The soft, moist-textured fillets are high in Omega 3, where its oily flesh lends itself to an array of opportunities in the kitchen.

This recipe enhances the Coorong Mullet’s bold flavour with umami-driven Ortiz anchovies, meaty kalamata olives and the zing of capers. The butter-enriched tomato sauce base gently simmers the mullet to perfection, elevating the flavours with the addition of oregano and the fresh basil finish.

Ferguson Australian Coorong Mullet Puttanesca is an ideal dinner for two that can take a week night to new wonders. We suggest you mop up the extra sauce with bread or accompany your puttanesca with steamed rice.