Pacific Oyster

The Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) is the world’s most cultivated oyster and grow in the pristine, deep cool waters of South Australia and Tasmania. The oysters feed on rich organic matter and are characterised by its fresh and clean salty flavour.

Pacific Oysters are fresh, creamy and sweet in flavour. The meat is lustrous, plump and moist with a pleasant fresh sea smell. The oysters are intertidal and are managed above and below the water, just like being rolled in the surf, keeping the shell clean. Pacific Oysters start in a hatchery environment before being grown out in trays, baskets and rafts. Oysters are bivalves and feed by filtering organic matter such as algae and other nutrients.


Farming methods for Pacific Oysters have very little impact on surrounding ecosystems and are managed by the South Australian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (SASQAP), which routinely tests the water quality in their harvest areas. Each Australian state also manages and enforces the sustainability of its oyster industry as part of a farmer’s licence to operate. Many oyster farmers are so aware of the positive relationship between growing oysters and the environment that they choose to exceed minimum standards.

Ocean to plate

Ferguson Australia’s live oysters are delivered fresh and cleaned from the farm and packed into foam boxes by the dozen. The oysters live for up to 7 days out of the water, chilled between 4 – 70C.


Bistro: 50/60mm
Plate: 60/70mm
Standard: 70/85mm
Large: 85/100mm