Giant Crab

The Giant Crab (Pseudocarcinus gigas) is wild caught in the Southern Ocean and is unique to the southern waters of Australia. They live on the edge of the continental shelf at an average depth of between 140 to 270 metres, in cold water temperatures. The cold waters of the Southern Ocean provides an excellent environment for the Giant Crab. The crabs are highly prized throughout Asia for their excellent taste, texture and culinary value.


The fishery is underpinned by stringent catching and handling regulations with a strict catch quota policy that ensures under-sized Giant Crabs are returned to the ocean, while a system of limited licenses, boats and pot numbers helps avoid over-fishing. All fishing vessels are also equipped with either a wet well or a tank with a pump that circulates sea water to keep the Giant Crab in top condition from the time they are caught until they are sold.

Ocean to plate

Once unloaded from the fishing vessels the live Giant Crabs are placed into refrigerated sea-water held at 10-12°C, slowing the metabolism and prevents stress of the crab. When exported the live Giant Crabs are packed with insulation and ice-packs into polystyrene boxes sealed with tape. When they land into their destination, the importer re-tanks the live lobster back into refrigerated saltwater.


Small: <3.0kg
Medium: 3.0kg – 5.0kg
Large: 5.0kg+