Food Service Products

Ferguson Australia supplies its all Australian seafood range to chefs around the World. Selecting only the highest quality products and working with our customers to ensure their menus are exciting and fresh!

Our Australia Seafood range for wholesale customers is sourced off our own 8 fishing boats or direct from the producers, who we work closely with on a daily basis.


Southern Rock LobsterSouth Australia

Giant CrabSouth Australia

King PrawnSouth Australia, Queensland, Western Australia

Pacific Oyster South Australia

Scallop – Tasmania



Southern Bluefin TunaSouth Australia

Yellowtail KingfishSouth Australia

King George Whiting – South Australia

Southern Garfish – South Australia

Coorong Mullet – South Australia

Ocean Jacket – South Australia

Gummy Shark (Flake) – South Australia

Barramundi Northern Territory, Queensland

Pink Snapper – South Australia

Atlantic Salmon – Tasmania

FlatheadSouth Australia

Bight Redfish (Red Snapper) – South Australia