Gummy Shark (Flake)

Gummy Sharks (Mustelus antarcticus) have sweet and delicious flesh, and are popular for their boneless and thick flakes. They are also known as “flake” and are commonly used for the traditional “fish and chips” but should not be overlooked for barbecuing, poaching, braising and baking.


The Commonwealth catch of gummy shark is caught on long-lines and is managed by quota. This means the catch of this fish by commercial fishers is restricted by weight. Commercial fishermen are required to fill in records of their catches, during each fishing trip and when they land their catch in a port. This helps the Australian Government keep records of how much is being caught.

Australian Federal Management Authority (AFMA) decide on the amount that can be caught each year from expert advice and recommendations from fisheries managers, industry members, scientist and researchers.

Ocean to Plate

Gummy Shark are packed either in ‘trunk’ form or fillet fresh on the day of catch and packed into retail or bulk form. The product is frozen fresh, to maintain the quality of the same day caught freshness.


Retail:  200g packs
Foodservice: 2kg Tray