Bight Redfish

Bight Redfish (Centroberyx gerrardi) is wild caught in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean. These schooling fish are found in the deep cold waters around reefs and near the bottom of the ocean floor. The cold oceanic habitat gives the Bight Redfish a clean fresh flavour, and being small in size gives it a sweet flavour compared to larger fish. The Bight Redfish has a high fat content making it highly sought after by chefs.


The Bight Redfish is regularly audited and monitored by the South Australian Government (PIRSA) with limit catch rates for long lines and hook and line. The Commonwealth (AFMA) maintains a strict quota system for the trawl Bight Redfish fishery which includes a limited number of boats permitted to fish the species in zoned areas.

Ocean to Plate

The Bight Redfish are caught and killed using the Japanese iki jime method. This method is not only the most humane way, but also maintains quality and longer shelf life. Bight Redfish is exported whole, gilled and gutted.


1 – 2kg
2 – 3kg
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